Zoo Video 42 is now released! already started zoo video 43! should be the biggest best riding ever! sorry for the lack of videos recently, been really busy lately. Will be plenty more videos soon! hopefully in 2014 a new website and other updates will be in place. for now check the latest video - zoo video 42! biggest moves..


Sorry for the lack of updates and videos! I have updated the following pages; News, profile, Video, links and contact page. All the links on the video page are now all working! as for the rest of the pages have been updated to latest news! Zoo Video 42 is in the making and the photo page will soon be up to date! please check back soon!


Just a small update for now, due to being rather busy lately and darker nights have drawn on us the next video will be out early in the new year. Hopefully 2013 will have more updates! bellow are the updates I will be doing in the next few days! Thanks ..


Few updates:

Links page - I have had a tidy up on this web site due to clutter. I have redone the links page and deleted a lot of links and added a few also! Please if you want your site linked up please email me 'ne il_trials@hotmail.com' and if you want a banner also please send me a reasonable size banner also.

Video page - Zoo_Video_41 was released about a month go, please go and check it out. Also I have some good news, I now own a HD camera and zoo_Video_42 will be in HD! Still deciding how I'm going to do Zoo_Video_42... Will keep you updated on progress.

Photo page - Still need to sort the photo page out! I will have new photos as soon as possible.

Bike page - As soon as possible I will update my latest bike spec!

News page - As people will no by now I and 3 other riders was going to be taking part in the opening ceremonies in london on the 27th July 2012! unfortunately we got cut from the show 12days before the opening witch was very upsetting for us all. Pictures bellow show the rehearsals we was taking from May! Its a huge shame we could not show trials to the whole world.


New Video! Zoo_video_41 now released! I don't really no how to take this video in my opinion! It was kind of 'film anything' without taking any consideration on how it was going to look and whether the video would be any good or not. There's plenty more lines I wanted to nail but never got round to properly nail them. As some people may already are aware I and 3 other riders was going to do a show at the Olympic ceremonies opening! Due to poor organization and planning we got cut from the opening ceremonies to ensure 'perfect finish time' I will upload some pictures soon! Anyway check latest video out.. Enjoy.



New Phoenix video from me (Thanks Ian J for the sweet edit) Check the video out HERE! Also please check the phoenix FB page out by clicking the banner below!


New sponsor deal from Phoenix clothing! If your looking for a great T-shirt or hoodie that fits great I suggest you check there page out and order your self a new look.. Prices are easly affordable and colours stand out very well. check out www.tribalzine.com - for a Phoenix clothing interview! Phoenix clothing will be producing HD videos of me as well as my own videos so hopefully get more videos out of me this year! Please click Image below to visite there page:




New clips Video 19 (Phoenix clothing) to watch this video go to the video page and scroll down near to the bottom of the page! clips at bottom of page and long videos at the top. The clips video is left over clips from Zoo Video 40. Enjoy!!


Finally a new video released from my self. Now winters about over with I should be riding more! Its not been a bad winter in all fairness! The aim of the video was going to be a 'Winter' video with shots of snow, rain and ice ect.. but its not been bad at all. Been riding at 6am just to get a decent length of day light too. Any way this is what I managed to film through winter - Video is called ZooVideo_40 as I didn't no what else to call it lol, The same old sort of riding going down without rails ect. The video is on the video page, Enjoy..


Been riding as normal as much as I can around the winter weather days! As for updates im busy working on a new video im about probably near the end to finishing it!, quite happy with it so far! Should be a few more videos and photos this year. please keep checking back!


Happy new year all! Sorry its been a while since I have updated my website. Been riding as normal as much as I can around the winter weather days! As for updates im busy working on a new video im about probably just over half way, quite happy with it so far! Should be a few more videos and photos this year. please keep checking back!


Few new pictures added on the photo page! check them out!


New 2011 photo page added on the 'photo's' page! Nothing to exciting at the moment, more to come soon watch this space.


New video release - Neil Tunnicliffe - 'No Problem'. Managed to finsh my video before the dark winter nights settle in! lots of local riding in here. Some of the biggest front wheel moves in this video maybe to many.. haha Check the video page out.. **New pictures soon**


'Inproving' Neil Tunnicliffe.com - Just a quick one. if anyone has any ideas on inproving the web site or anything that people would like to see more of.. eg, better site, more updates ect.. Please email me your views at neil_trials@hotmail.com Thanks for the help.


New links and sponsors added on the 'links' page


A very good video released from Ian Johnstone you can watch his latest video by clicking HERE Has a few lines from me. all round great video recomended! Also check the redbull light session video HERE Also 1 or 2 clips of me, has some great all round riding. Check it out!


New Video soon! Been working on another video lately! Its about 75% done. Just want a few more lines im after in it then it should be released. I recon towards the end of september.. But keep checking back on latest news! thanks!


Neil Tunnicliffe.com stickers released! Not going to be around for ever so get your hands on a pair! All money will be put back into NeilTunnicliffe.com for equipment ect.. Thanks! how to purchase them are on my home page!


New Video! I have decided to edit a small video from the unwanted clips from the main video! Its rather short but better than nothing I guess! Mostly done it through boredom as I fell on my ribs quite bad and can't ride for a bit! Hope you enjoy! ..thanks..


New link added on the 'links' page. 'cordao de ouro Capoeira' Awesome web site! something interesting to look into doing. As for updates and videos go I'm quite busy with everyday life so its taking a long time to film as many videos as I did last year. I'm still riding hard and pushing my self! updates soon, watch this space..


New clips video added. filmed some random stuff over the weekend. Nothing serious in this. Take a look in the video page near the bottom 'clips video 18' Thanks.


New Video! - 'Cutting' Filmed a small but sweet video over the past few days. Not very long but its a start for this year. Video is on the video page! Can be watched via youtube or downloadable link. Enjoy..


Hi all! Thought I better slot a bit of a update in as its been a while. First of all, happy new year! Not had chance to update and keep in track of riding lately due to moving out to my own property, where tuns of work needed to take place. To be honest I haven't been riding as much as I should! However, I'm back riding and have started Zoo Video 40! Now weather is getting better I will be out and about riding more. There's going to be a few interesting updates soon. Please keep checking back! Thanks.


New Zoo Video 39! Weather has been pretty awful here so lucky enough we have a indoor place to ride. So thought I would bang a few clips together and make a short video. Nothing to great as its very limited as what lines to pull off. Last video this year - Bought my self a HD camera other day so next year I will have better quality videos to release! Enjoy!


2011 Zoo pitbull is now released! check the bike page out for more images! I have had the frame for 3days now and I cant see any faults!


Just a small update. I think its important to thank everyone that visits this site, if it want for so many hits I would close the site. It recently hit 200,000+ hits over 4 years! That's on average 150 people per day visit my web page. So thanks to all that take the time to visit my page!!

Still waiting on the new zoo bikes. It cant be much longer so keep checking back!

Starting a new video! But please understand UK weather has turned around now so might be delayed more..


Also in 2011 i'll be going HD! And a brand new web site :D


Video Clips 17 added to the video page! The clips are leftovers from zoo video 38 that I never used. I'm currently waiting on the new Zoo Pitbull 2011, Hopefully I should be the first to see and test! As soon as I get mine I will post pictures on ere almost right away! So keep checking back for the next update!! :)


Zoo Video 38 is now online! The video is 4 minutes long and contains plenty of gaps as normal! Half way through the video I had to swap back to adamant as I was waiting for another zoo to arrive! The new zoo pitbull will be ready soon so expect photos and a review to go with them. Hope you enjoy zoo video 38, thanks.


Small few updates! Clips video 16 from Zoo Video 37 left over's, check it out! I also added a photo to the photo page, will be updating that again shortly. Also just to let you know I'm ready to start Zoo Video 38! This wont be out anytime soon as I'm taking a fair bit of time to master the best lines and hopefully try and make it the best video I have ever made! Keep checking back for this video as it will be released on here first. Thanks!! Mr.T


New Zoo video 37! The video contains street and natural riding. I didn't really enjoy riding natural lost interest almost right away, so I dont think i'll be visiting the natural side again. haha. The street riding is not brilliant as I filmed nearly anything didnt push my self at all. Video is 121 mb and 5 minutes long the longest video I have ever done! I'm going to take my time on the next video and find some different better lines to make the best video ever! Thanks for watching!! Mr.T.


New photo page update! I have added a few more pictures to the page. I will add more as they arrive! Check them out!


New Video clips 15 is added on the video page towards the bottom! check them out! Also more updates soon! Keep checking back.


New video! Zoo video 36 is now online with more huge street moves. My next video is going to be a natural video. Never really been bothered with natural but im going to give it a bash. Hope you enjoy the new zoo video 36. Enjoy...


New video clips added onto the video page. Sorting out clips and deleting some clips off my computer to free some space! So here is 3 video clips to check out! More updates are soon to come! keep checking back for the latest :) enjoy!


New 2010 photo's added to the photo page. There just a mess about around derby. I will keep adding photos to the same page so keep checking back for better ones. Also while im here writing this I'm going to make a brand new website around the end of the year! this ones getting messy. Zoo Video 36 has already been started! estamated time is 5weeks not including enjouries. Keep checking back. Thanks.


New Zoo Video 35! Go to the video page to download it! Also new bike page update and more news to report soon also!! - I have a new bike to show off with titanium bling! ;D Enjoy!


Small update on the bike page. Just a update on my ride. i'm waiting for my new bike from zoo this week, it will be kitted out with the new titanium bits and bobs! Will update soon.


New Video! Its been just under 2 years since I last did a proper video. Really enjoying riding again now. The video is called Zoo Video 34 to carry on the zoo bike videos. The riding is not bad for the time back on the bike. This is the first video of the year..Plenty plenty more to come. Hope you enjoy! Please visit the video page to watch the video.


Just a quick update! I now ride for heatsinkbikes.com Why? because they take a lot of time designing such great parts. As from now I will be using there products (including there awesome brake blocks) Go check there home page at www.heatsinkbikes.com


New clips video added to the video page! Me training on the bike. Cant wait for a full video! Not been riding much for about 1year and really happy to take it back up again. so watch this space for the new video! Also Now sponsored by LMP check homepage for linkage.


New photos of the new zoo bike up! check them out on the bike page. I also have the privilege to test the new disc brake that Echo have brought out! So that will be reviewed once I have done a few huge moves to front etc. Loving the bike better then any other at the moment. gaps are getting interesting day by day. Overall what a stiff powerful bike. Thanks for looking! and will start a new video very soon.


Hello! Finally an update! I'm now currently sponsored by zoo! bikes again!! Yes back to the old days on the zoo bike. Adamant bikes no longer exists so I decided the way forward was zoo! bikes as i new they was very good! I have had the bike for a week now and having plenty of fun with it. I can't get over how far i can gap on it! Anyway I will be posting pictures up in the next few days! keep an eye out......Thankies for visiting..


Welcome to NeilTunnicliffe.com E Series! Please feel more than welcome to view all my videos and please feel free to sign my guest book! Any questions at all please email me on the contacts page will give you the full info on how to get in touch with me. Thanks for visiting, I update as much as possible! Please keep checking back!

I Just renewed my web site and purchased new equipment for better quality videos and pictures! Not had a update in a long while really, its due to winter weather and busy time for me. Now weather has picked up I promise more videos and pictures. First update is a new Bike+reviews page! check it out!!


Hope you all a good christmas and a good new year! I will be pulling my finger out now to produce a video soon. Watch this space.


I have added 6 new photos to the 2008 album! There pictures taken from a university student! thought I would post them up to show you guys! Take a look! Also still working on videos ect. Just need a bit more time now days as the weather is unpredictable, thanks!


Just a quick small update! Yes I am still alive as some have asked lol! I have just been busy lately and bringing the media in slowly. My aim for December is to bring new photos out and a new video so keep an eye out for them! Also will update a few things around the site to!


New Clips Video 10 added! The video is leftover footage from adamant video 4. I'm starting a fresh video now so i want to get these off my computer. Anyway check the video out! its on the video page you will need to scroll down. More updates soon! Enjoy:


New update! I have added more information about me on the profile page. Also uploaded some pictures on the profile page too. There will be a clips video soon, the leftovers from adamant video 4.....Enjoy...........


Adamant Video 4 now online!! Now summer has arrived I can get back on track to release videos. Adamant video 4 is quite short but goes well with the music I picked. Some large moves in this video. Hope you enjoy!


Its been a while since I updated my website. I have finally got an update. I have taken some 2008 photos! Only a few for the time being But will be plenty more soon! watch this space. Check the photo page out to view the new photo.s thanks.


Just a small update for now. Reason why my web site was down for a week or two was because my domain name ran out pretty fast so I didn't no till I checked my web site. I also found out that they sold it to a 'adult web site' So I got on to them as soon as possible and managed to get my web site back. I also own neiltunnicliffe.co.uk now as well as neiltunniciffe.com!

In the mean time I am working on a new adamant video 4! So expect that soon and a few more clever updates this summer. Thanks for reading. Neil T.


Though I would just do a very quick update, Its only information for now. Still trying to but a video together, weekend weather hasn't been great so its taking me longer than I wanted. I hate winter. So hopefully wont be much longer. Also I'm still sorting T-shirts out so more info soon on them. Thanks.


New clips video on home page. Had a chilled ride the other week while the weather was nice for a change. So thought I would put this clip on, might be a while until next video is out due to weather and work. Don't expect much for now. Enjoy...


A few folks around the world have suggested bringing my own t-shirt out. I think its a good idea too but this isn't a 100% I will bring them out. The design below isn't a 100% either. tell me what you think.



New clips video! Some random clips I fount on my old camera tape. Just bought some new tapes for 2008. So I tuck the clips off and made a clips video. Please bare in mind these are very old and very poor. never the less am sure its something to watch. Enjoy! Clips video 8!


First 3 updates for 2008! Hope you like the new web site! Take a look around, It's nearly has twice as much much stuff more than my old web site just to make it a bit more to look at. The 2008 photo album will be updated shortly! Also I have been busy around christmas time so haven't had much practice to film anything yet and the weather has been shite. I will get on with it as soon as possible.


New links up on the links page! I am currently testing the 'Rock pads' for www.trialspads.com. So far I am very impressed. A full review of the rock pads soon! Also on the 1st of Jan, I will have NeilTunnicliffe.com 2008 web site up. So if i don't update much from now till then its because am working hard on the web site. I have some left over footage from adamant video 3. I will release a clips video in a week or so! Keep checking back!


New video!! Check the video page out and get downloading! It was 3 months ago when Adamant video 2 was released. I could of had it done even earlier but due to injury to both of my wrists I was off for 2weeks. There now fine so I will be starting another video! But expect the next one to be natural riding! Anyway hope you enjoy the video and keep checking back for more updates arriving soon.


Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been busy filming for videos and basically busy with life in general. I'm currently working on a new web site (2008 edition) Got the design sorted and should be out in december or early 2008! If you have any ideas what i can add let me know: neil_trials@hotmail.com.


Small quick update/News. I'm currently working on another video should be out soon. Also I'm in the middle of making a video from my past latest videos for someone. Its all my best riding, I will host that video soon on here as well. Also near the end of this year I'm doing another web site. I want the next one to be simple to use but a lot bigger. Also many other very interesting news to come as well. Keep checking back for the latest...


Just received the A3 mod bike! Pictures are up on the 'setup' page. I have already ridden the bike. Its probably the best 20" bike I've ever ridden. More to follow shortly. Keep checking back.


New video!! - Adamant vid 2!! My apologies for the lack of videos been released this year. I have been busy moving house and a few other things that slowed me from filming but now I'm back on track with things so expect more videos this year! Anyway I have managed to put together I rather good video I think. Its Adamant vid 2 on the 'videos' page. Please download and enjoy! expect more soon. Neil T.


New Update on the 'setup' page. New up to date pictures of my bike at this moment. I should be receiving new parts soon so I'll update the page again.


Clips 7 now online. The clips are leftovers from Adamant video 2! Adamant video 2 is out in 'days' Keep checking back!!


New video clips! - Clips 6! The video is from The National Bike show 2007. The show took place on the saturday and sunday 28th april and the 29th of april in Birmingham NEC. There was around 10 other riders that did the show also. I just want to thank Giles wolf ( www.m-a-d.co.uk ) for looking after us and Dave Butler for basically helping out allot and making us laugh. Anyway enjoy the clips I have thrown together. I would of liked to filmed more of the show and more moves but we could only of ridden the shows only. Please take a look! More updates to follow very shortly!


I have been invited to the 'The National Bike show' In Birmingham NEC. The show is on the 28th and 29th of April! I will be taking place in the Demo's. Please take a visit and say 'Hi' Visit - www.nationalbikeshow.co.uk - for more information. See you there!!


New video added!! My first video on the adamant bike. This is a short video due to computer failed. I am now back on track and already starting a long video! Don't expect it too soon though! Go on the video page and check the new video! its not crazy just some practice on pallets! Enjoy!


Www.thepleb.com have launched there web site! All there designs are super cool! I received my plebs cloths about 1 week ago. They have also made my own custom tee! check it below.


Sorry again for the lack of updates, again been very busy with work and other things getting in the way. Its all coming together now onwards! Because its been such a wait for my next video I have made a quick short video. Its just over 1 minutes long. Its not the best but its better then nothing. I will be posting the video up in about less than a weeks time.


Sorry for the lack of updates and the wait for the videos! Been very busy lately. I'm working on a lot of updates from now onwards. I'm trying my best for more videos and updates. I will keep you posted!!


New sponsorship! Its a cloth company called 'Thepleb' They have the best cloth designs ever! Pleb is based in the Leeds area and design clothing for guys and girls, hats and other accessories! watch out for the 2007 designs!!
also Watch out for my custom tee!


New bike spec page! pictures of the Adamant, Sorry about the lack of updates recently. Will be back on track soon! Anyway check the page out! Any more info you may contact me.


Just added clips 4 to the video section. Clips 4 is my first day testing the Adamant out! Must say its a very very nice bike! go to the clips page and take a look. Pictures of bike online soon.


New web site, Thanks to nadine for designing the logo's. well I have just made the site fit the center of the page really and new logo's to make it look better. No updates unfortunately. But keep an eye out for ADAMANT video and further updates this year.


Just uploaded clips5 to you tube! I will upload the clips to a proper server asap. The clips are the left over's from zoo! video 33. This will be the last time you see me on the zoo! bike. Nothing special going on in the clips. I hope you Enjoy.


Just not that long ago I changed sponsor! I am now riding for ADAMANT! why? because I just wanted a change really. Zoo! bikes are still my best frames to ride. The good thing is zoo! and adamant are run by the same person. I should receive the adamant this week so expect some pictures of it very soon and also I will start my next video on it as soon as possible.


Zoo Video 33!! Now online! This is my last 'Zoo' video! After about 4 days of filming in total because of the weather and a injury too knee, This is the best I could do while the weather stopped half decent! Enjoy: Video page


Here is a video from BBC1 that was on boxing day over in England. Footage they used was from zoo! video 30, because they loved the postbox moves. There wasn't a great deal of riding but Jim quite sure its a start for me. Here is the video if you mist it or did not get to see it: Video page


BBC1 got in touch with me about broadcasting a show called 'The most entertaining video clips from the internet' The show should be on the 24th of december at 10.40pm on bb1. The show will cover other people not just me. But I will be on there. I have sent them unseen video clips and past videos that I have done, so what ever takes a fancy to there eye they will show. Over all the show should be pretty exciting to watch anyway. Anymore information wanted you can Email anytime. Neil Tunnicliffe.


DW-TV Also got in touch with me about broadcasting my unseen/videos on Germany DW-TV. The show will be called 'Clipmania that will be produced on January, 25th 2007' Not a 100% a time and date but I will keep you posted! The show will view unseen/videos of Neil Tunnicliffe.


I'm currently doing a massive update for 2007. Just moving a few things around and adding a few things. Hopefully before 2007 I should have zoo! video 33 up and running! The weather has already put a delay on the video. But that can't be helped. So keep an eye out for video 33.


Picture page updated! Just added a few more recent pictures. You can see the new pictures with the others here hope you like them. I have some big updates happening in December, Keep your eye out.


Small update. I have updated the 'spec' page. I have taken a few pictures of my bike as it as right now and written a quick part spec. Sorry for the lack of update. Video I'm working on is slowly getting there. Keep checking back for the video should be arriving soon.


New link on the site. 'www.myspace.com' Just made an account. 'A place for friends' A little more about me! feel free to add me! click link below:



Just some information. Just to let you know I'm working on another video, However the weather has changed and the nights are getting dark. So please give me enough time for the video. In 2007 going to be traveling around England/World for new lines and a lot better videos. Any more info just drop me a Email. Thanks, Neil.


I'm selling my 2005 zoo pitbull. The frame made zoo video 30, 31 and 32. Also featured in NTbailvideo. The frame is on Ebay.co.uk. Good luck.


New video!! Zoo! Video 32. I started to film for another zoo video on my 05 zoo pitbull but now I have received the 07 pitbull so I have made a short video out of what clips I had on the 05. Its quite short but I think its a nice little video. Enjoy...


I've added another clips video to the 'clips' page, clip 3 is just a few moves in derby and a few other places. Nothing too great Enjoy...


New video!! I made this 'NTbailvideo' a wile back now a few people have seen it and said host it because its funny. So here it is, go check out the video page and don't expect much. Enjoy..


Pictures of the new 07 pitbull on page 'specs' (bike page) My new bike! rides really really nice! A lot better than the 05 and 06 its really effortless on the rear wheel and controls very well. Take a look.


Just received the 07 zoo! pitbull. I am building it up right now! Its the 1095 long frame there are some pictures on Homepage. I will post full bike build pictures soon as possible. The new 07 looks very smart and tidy also is lighter than other zoos!


Few updates - Zoo video 30 and 31 is back online! I have also added clips 2 up that's over 4 minutes long, basically old footage i don't want. Also I have updated the photo page there is now a video stills photo album! I will add to the photos as I receive them. Go check it out. Enjoy...


Just about all the pages have been updated. I am sorting out a server for all my videos so all the videos on the site will be working in the next few days. Enjoy..


Just a small update. New video has been started. But don't expect it to be here yet as I'm working on some different lines. Neil..


New parts added on the homepage. pictures of the new rims. These rims are a huge improvement from the last rims. I have tested this rim already I'm safe to say they can stand up to anything/ most things. Good choice of rim if you want a rim to last. You can get these rims from WWW.SELECTBIKES.COM


New video!! Zoo video 31. Go check the video page to download this video. Enjoy..


New pictures added to the picture page! A recent ride with Mike Singleton. We decided to ride birmingham and coventry in one day. Go check the picture page out Mike Singleton took some awesome photos that day. Thanks Mike! Enjoy...


Clip 1 is now online for you to download. Go visit the clip page! Just a few gaps from sheffield. Enjoy..


Profile page added to the site. Just a little bit about me. Go check it out!


Clips page added to the site. I have added a video clip page. Every now and again I will upload clips about 20-30 seconds long. The clips that are uploaded are just mess about clips or clips that I don't think should go in my videos so instead of putting them in the recycle bin I thought it would be a good idea to share these clips with you. hope you enjoy...


New video!! Zoo Video 30 is now online. Please go check it out on the video page!


I have put some pictures of the new zoo parts on the homepage. New parts looks really strong and light. Also the brake levers are very nice!


News from Deng (owner of zoo bikes) said that he's designing new frames for zoo! sounds like he's been very busy working on the new frames. Also new parts from zoo! should be out in a few days so i will update my site with pictures of the new zoo gear! Then hopefully i will review the parts as soon as i receive them. so keep an eye out for more updates.


New photos added to the photo page. recent ride to Birmingham. Go check them out!


welcome to www.NeilTunnicliffe.com. The opening of my website.